Escondido Police Arrest 12 Minors in Curfew Sweep

Escondido Police have been making a constant effort to enforce their new curfew enforcement operations since early March of this year. On Friday, August 5th, twelve juveniles were arrested for being out past curfew. Along with these curfew violation arrests, one fourteen year old boy was arrested for possession of cocaine; and a seventeen year old boy was caught in the company of a 18 year old, an adult, who was in possession of marijuana.

This was the seventh sweep by Escondido Police since the launch of the operation. Seven sweeps may seem like a small number but the sweeps have resulted in the arrest of 125 minors violating curfew or in some cases in possession of drugs, or other crime related activities. When Police arrest minors they go through a similar process as adult arrestees. They are taken to the Police Department for processing and then are released to their parents or a legal guardian and in some cases taken to the juvenile jail facility . Escondido Police Department stated that they will continue to hold frequent curfew sweeps during the summer months. The curfew times are from 11p.m. to 5a.m. anyone under the age of 18 who is outside without a parent could be arrested for violating curfew.

I’m thinking back to when I was 15, 16 and 17 during Summer vacation. Was I out with friends past 11:00p.m. playing flash light tag, kick the can, hanging out with girls, or attending High School parties? Absolutely!! I know each contact or arrest should be looked at on a case by case basis but I wonder how much money from imposed fines these arrests makes for the City of Escondido?

ESCONDIDO: Police arrest 12 juveniles during curfew sweep, North County Times

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