Escondido & San Marcos Warrant Sweep Nets 34 Arrests

Escondido police officers along with San Diego County sheriff and probation officers conducted outstanding warrant service on 47 probationers and arrested 34. The service of the outstanding warrants started at 6:00a.m. and went through the night and fanned across San Marcos, Escondido and surrounding San Diego county areas.

The majority of the warrants were for misdemeanor cases but a few felony warrants were also served. Arrest warrants are usually in the form of a bench warrant issued by a judge for the defendant not complying his or her terms or conditions of probation.

Probation terms often include affirmative steps that must be completed by the defendant, i.e. complete a drug program or pay a fine; and other terms to preclude conduct that the defendant can not engage in. For example, don’t don’t drive a car without a drivers license or valid insurance. If the defendant does not due what he or she is supposed to do or does something he or she is not supposed to do, then a warrant can be issued for their arrest.

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