Expungements: What They Are and How They Help You!

Ever been convicted of a misdemeanor or a felon and have had – or still have – trouble finding a job because of it? Not many employers are willing to look past a “yes” after asking if you’ve ever been convicted; luckily, you have an option. The state of California has a legal procedure put into place to “expunge” your criminal history; most of it, that is. The word expunge in it’s definitive form means to erase or get rid of completely, which isn’t exactly what it means in the legal sense of the word. You might be asking, “If an expungement doesn’t erase everything completely, then what does it do?” Well my friend, more than you might think; it restores a myriad of benefits. With an expungement, a plea of “guilty” or “no contest” can be changed to a plea of “not guilty”! As a result, your case is then dismissed by the court and all records of your case will reflect it. When granted an expungement, you can write on an application for employment that you have never been convicted – except for government jobs. Expungements can also improve credit ratings, help with housing, loan applications and restore student loan qualifications. There are some things, however, an expungement cannot do, such as erase your record completely, restore a suspended driver’s license and reinstate firearm rights. With the help of our law firm, applying for an expungement is simple; we do the work and the payout is infinite. It’s an affordable option put in place to help those with unfortunate mistakes in their past start working on a different path and be able to finally work hard to accomplish goals. The process of applying for and receiving and expungement is fairly simple with the help of a great lawyer; please don’t hesitate to contact us for a consultation or any questions you might have!

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