Fallbrook Mother Arrested For Drunk Teen At House Party

If you host a party beware! In Fallbrook, a rural city in north San Diego County, a 46 year old mother of three was arrested after she dropped off an extremely drunk teenager at Fallbrook Hospital. San Diego sheriff deputies arrested Deborah Gibney for violating the county’s social host ordinance, child endangerment and obstructing an officer. Ms. Gibney denies that she provided any alcohol to the party goers.

Ms. Gibney claims that dozens of booze-toting teens had swarmed her home, turning what she described as an innocent end-of-the-year celebration into a drunken blowout. She didn’t want to call the Sheriff’s Department because she doesn’t trust Fallbrook sheriff deputies, who she believes routinely harass teenagers. She has had the party for eight years without an incident. This case and charges will not go away without a fight and Ms. Gibney is going to need an experienced criminal defense attorney.

The house party law imposes civil and criminal liability on adults who host private parties and fail to stop persons under 21 from consuming alcohol when they know or should reasonably know they are drinking alcohol. It’s a misdemeanor offense and violators can be punished with up to six months in jail and fines of up to $1,000. If you find yourself in this situation its probably best to shut down the gathering and request that the party goers leave your residence.

FALLBROOK: Mom arrested after teen party says she did nothing wrong, North County Times, June 28, 2009.

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