Man Impales Ford Escape Into 3 Different Vehicles, Possible DUI in San Diego

Last weekend in North Park, San Diego, a very interesting series of events took place. Apparently a 42-year-old man, his name not revealed as of yet, was driving through a liquor store parking lot and pummeled into two parked vehicles. This first event of more to follow occurred around midnight, Sunday the 25th. After scraping his Ford Escape against stationary vehicles, the driver sped away from the scene, only to get into even more trouble. About four blocks away, he floored-it through a red light and smacked into another moving vehicle, a black Saab. This unfortunate collision took place at the intersection of Park Boulevard and University Avenue.
The wreck ended up being fairly serious, with all individuals inside of each vehicle sent to nearby hospitals. The vehicles suffered significant damage, with doors having to be removed by firefighters to rescue the injured people stuck inside. The driver of the black Saab suffered a neck fracture, with his passenger also suffering minor injuries. The loose-cannon driver of the Ford Escape and his passenger also suffered minor injuries, but non life-threatening. San Diego police are running toxicology reports to determine the sobriety of the collision-happy driver of the Ford Escape, but may go ahead and initiate charges anyway. The Traffic Division is currently investigating the details of the collision.

“4 Injured In North Park Crash” – NBC San Diego

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