Oceanside Web Cafe Computer Gambling Illegal?

Internet and computer crimes are on the rise! In San Diego County local law enforcement officers and a special task force raided several internet cafe’s including one in Oceanside that allegedly offered its customers illegal gambling.

Oceanside police officers served a search warrant on Lucky Bob’s Internet Cafe on Friday June 26, 2009 on Mission Ave. In San Diego other locations raided were Cafe Hong Hung, Phnom Penh Video, ’08 Wireless, and Cafe 2000.The Attorneys General’s news release claims the small businesses were operating slot machines and computer gaming which are computer crimes.

Lucky Bob’s advertised that their patrons could win more than eighteen thousand dollars in “instant cash sweepstakes.” Oceanside police did not arrest anyone at Lucky Bob’s but did confiscate gambling equipment. However, in San Diego, police arrested two people and seized more than $11,000.00.

The investigation began in early June when undercover agents would pose as internet cafe customers and played various Las Vegas type games on computers. The evidence and information the investigators gathered most likely established the “probable cause” for the search warrants used during the raids.

OCEANSIDE: Internet cafe’s games may be illegal, North County Times, May 19, 2009

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