Rape, Crajacking and Robbery Suspect Arrested in Escondido

Eighteen year old Jugo Elmer Garcia, an illegal immigrant, was arrested Wednesday night on suspicion of armed robbery, rape and carjacking on East Valley Parkway in Escondido.

The first part of Mr. Garcia’s crime spree started at 1690 East Valley Parkway where he assaulted and robbed a lone store clerk in a small strip mall. Mr. Garcia held her at gun point and raped her and then proceeded to take several items from the store along with the store clerk’s vehicle, a 2000 Ford Expedition. The Police call came in at 5:07 p.m confirmed by Lt. Mark Wrisley.

Mr. Garcia returned several hours later to a nearby location where he tried to commit another series of crimes. He attempted to rob another woman, however, she was able to quickly run to a near-by gas station and call 911.

In light of this new information two U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers and police officers were able to catch the suspect. They had spotted the stolen vehicle in a parking lot on along East Valley Parkway. They detained Mr. Garcia and found the gun inside his vehicle which was not used to avoid the police detention.

Mr. Garcia was booked into the Vista Detention Center on suspicion of the crimes he committed, which include armed robbery, possession of a loaded firearm, auto theft, rape, and attempted robbery. After the criminal investigation, Officers have determined Mr. Garcia was in the County illegally even after a Judge’s deportation order.

Article can be found here:
North County Times, by Morgan Cook

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