Escondido Female Teen Driver Killed in Deadly Car Crash

In Escondido, North County San Diego, around 9:00 p.m. an 18 year old women driving a Mitsubishi Mirage carrying a 16 year old passenger collided with a pickup truck. The traffic collision occurred at the intersection of South Escondido Boulevard and South Centre City Parkway. The 18 year old female was pronounced dead on sight of the accident while her 16 year old passenger suffered serious injuries. The 37 year old man who was driving the pickup truck suffered minor injuries. The 18 year old driver had pulled out to make a left turn onto South Centre City Parkway when the pickup truck collided with the side of the Mitsubishi Mirage; causing both cars to roll and finally ending after colliding with the center divide. Police don’t believe the driver was under the influence of drugs or alcohol, dui, when the traffic accident occurred.

Parents please inform your kids to drive safely!! As parents we often warn our kids of the dangers of drinking alcohol and driving but we must also harp on them about the dangers and consequences of just distracted (cell phone use) driving. A car or truck driven poorly is no difference than handing a loaded firearm to an inexperienced gun handler….No matter how good your kids think they can drive share with them all the teenage deaths that have resulted from traffic accidents in the last two years in San Diego County. The number will shock you! The slightest distraction from the road is all it takes to cause serious injury or even worse death.

The full article can be found here:
North County Times, ESCONDIDO: Teenager killed in traffic collision 7/24/2010

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