Woman Accused of DUI Manslaughter in Custody Awaiting Trial in San Diego

New developments have occurred regarding a DUI incident covered a few weeks back. The driver at fault is now awaiting a trial date and is in custody with a bond price of $500,000. A cab driver, 42-year-old Antenah Minassie, was driving his cab on Interstate 5 when he was rammed into by a vehicle driving the wrong way. The wrong-way vehicle was being driven by Amy Marie St. John-Smith, who had a blood alcohol level of an astonishing 0.27 percent; over three times the legal limit! In her drunken stupor, she drove the wrong way up the off-ramp on Washington Street, setting off a dangerous chain reaction of accidents. When she hit Minassie’s cab, she did not stop to check on him or phone for help, fleeing the scene; making it a hit-and-run case. Stunned, Minassie got out of his car to recoup and assess the damages, tragically creating the circumstances for his own death. Another vehicle slammed into the back of his cab, the sheer momentum causing his car to fly toward him, killing him instantly. Minassie was a full-time engineer and only drove the cab for a second income; he is survived by his wife and three children.

“Driver to Face Trial on Murder Charge in Cabbie’s Death” – UT San Diego

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