Amanda Bynes Arrested After Stopping Car In The Middle of Intersection – DUI, San Diego

Amanda Bynes got in some trouble this weekend when she was arrested early Sunday morning around 4am. Bynes, widely known for “The Amanda Show,” was a successful childhood actress with talents keeping her in the industry until her young adult life. At some point, however, Bynes’ life started looking increasingly more chaotic to the outside world as she changed her face with procedures, piercings, caked-on makeup and overly dark spray tans. Not only did her physical appearance change after she retired from acting, her overall behavior did as well. Prior to her arrest Sunday morning, Bynes was already serving out her probation sentence for previous unruly acts such as DUIs, setting a neighbor’s driveway on fire, etc; she even threw a bong out of her apartment window on the 36th floor! The arrest this weekend occurred after police were notified about a car stopping in the middle of an intersection in Sherman Oaks, Los Angeles. After a thorough evaluation at the local police station, Bynes was determined to be operating her vehicle under the influence of a drug yet to be identified. She was booked and taken into custody but was later released after she posted $15,000 bail. This isn’t Bynes’ first incident with reckless driving and most likely won’t be her last, but hopefully she takes something away from these mishaps and drives safer in the future.

“Amanda Bynes Arrested for DUI in Los Angeles” – UT San Diego

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