Motorcyclist Arrested On Suspicion Of Drunken Driving; Accident Involved No Other Vehicles – San Diego

The CHP reported a deadly crash occurred around 3:30am this morning in Chula Vista. The crash involved a motorcycle, with the driver cited as the one at fault on suspicion of DUI. The crash occurred on southbound I-5 at the E-Street offramp and involved no other vehicles. The driver of the motorcycle was attempting to speed around the curve of the offramp and lost control – directly in the path of construction barrels. In an attempt to avoid collision, the motorcycle driver swerved and ended up slamming into a barrel anyway; both riders on the motorcycle flew off from the impact. The female passenger on the motorcycle died at the scene and the male passenger was rushed to a nearby trauma center with major injuries. The driver wasn’t given much time to mourn the loss of his passenger and was arrested at the hospital on suspicion of drunken driving. Not only was his speed irresponsible, the way the accident occurred has given CHP red flags to further investigate the situation.

“One Dead In Suspected DUI Motorcycle Crash” – UT San Diego

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