Padres’ Shortstop Arrested For DUI In San Diego

It was revealed this morning with a confirmed police report that the Padres’ shortstop, Everth Cabrera, was arrested for driving under the influence of marijuana. He was arrested a little after midnight on Wednesday morning and the consequences of this arrest may be big enough to keep him off of the field for a while; the rest of this season and possibly carrying over until the next. Cabrera has already been off of the field for extended periods of time for other unfortunate events, one of them being his continuous hamstring injuries. He was currently in preparation to start rehabbing his injuries with the Single-A affiliate ‘Lake Elsinore Storm.’ The 2013 season was filled with nothing but problems for Cabrera and he was suspended for 50 games for being implicated in the Biogenesis scandal. He was also charged with domestic violence while in spring training, but the charges were eventually dropped. While being arrested for DUI is a serious charge, it is not clear what exactly will happen to Cabrera and his position on the field. Being a role model, as most sports players are, he has earned himself a lot of negative publicity; possibly enough to ruin his career.

“Everth Cabrera Arrested for DUI in San Diego” – The Friarhood

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