Attorney Accused of Stalking Peads Not Guilty

Yesterday, a Carlsbad Attorney plead not guilty to stalking and several other charges, including harassment. Attorney Michael T. Pines, who handled many legal foreclosure transactions, advised clients to break into their homes after they had been forced out of their homes through foreclosure proceedings. Mr. Pines was accused of stalking new property owners of clients he represented in these home foreclosure cases. The alleged harassment occurred between mid February through April 14th. During this time Mr. Pines allegedly stalked both the new property owners and his business partner; sending emails, phones calls, along with various other forms of alleged harassment.

Likewise, Mr. Pines practice of encouraging clients to break into their foreclosed homes has also not gone unnoticed. He was arrested at least three times for this alleged legal malpractice, in Escondido, Carlsbad and several other Southern California Cities. As a result of these legal malpractices allegations and his stalking charges he faces a $227,000 bail.

Currently, the California State Bar Association has suspended his license to practice as certified attorney. Mr. Pines plans to represent himself in court.

Article can be found here:
North County Times, By Teri Figueroa
MAy 17, 2011

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