Carlsbad Police Investigate Teen Alcohol Death

Carlsbad Police are investigating the death of 16 year old, Scott Roberts, found in a Carlsbad home on June 23rd. Police were called to the residence by a friend who had been drinking alcohol with Mr. Roberts at the home. Foul play does not appear to be a factor and no adults were at the home to supervise the minors. No arrests have been made pending the investigation.

Toxicology results have found that Mr. Robert’s blood alcohol concentration was over .35% which is four times higher than the legal limit for adult driving under the influence (dui) cases. The zero tolerance laws for alcohol and minors driving under the influence cases is .01%.

This is an unfortunate death that could have been avoided with proper alcohol consumption education and adult supervision. Criminal and civil liability may be found depending on the circumstances surrounding Mr. Robert’s death. A skilled attorney will be able to protect their criminal and civil rights.

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