San Diego Sheriffs Locate Wanted Sex Offender in Valley Center

The old saying “you can run, but you can not hide” came true to convicted sex offender and his girlfriend. A fugitive sex offender, Robbi Potter, and his girlfriend, Candace Watson, were arrested in Valley Center in San Diego County. The couple and Ms. Watson’s pre-school aged daughter, Haylee Donathan, fled Ohio and began residing in Valley Center about one week ago.

A local rancher recognized the three persons from information on a digital billboard in Las Vegas and then called the police. Mr. Potter and Ms. Watson were arrested without any altercation.

This case grabbed National attention on CNN and was aired on America’s Most Wanted on June 13th. Mr. Potter is in San Diego Federal custody on probation violation allegations while Ms. Watson has an extradition hearing in State Court on the Ohio arrest warrant for aiding and abetting Mr. Potter’s disappearance. Mr. Potter will need an experienced criminal lawyer knowledgeable in sex crime cases. Likewise, Ms. Watson is also looking at federal charges for aiding in Mr. Potter’s escape.

Haylee is currently in the San Diego Child Protective Custody who are looking to reunite her with extended family in Ohio.

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