San Diego CHP Officer Accused in Felony Sex Bribery Case

San Diego & Oceanside California Highway patrol officer Abram Carabajal, now retired, was held to answer after a preliminary hearing in San Diego Superior Court, North County, Vista, [need to upload link legal resource page] before Judge Runston G. Maino. Mr. Carbajal has been charged with three felony counts of accepting a bribe, conspiracy to obstruct justice and perjury.

The three felony charges stem from an alleged fix my traffic ticket in exchange for sex back in 2006. An Encino woman, Shirin Zarrindej, allegedly conspired with former CHP officer Carabajal to have her traffic ticket dismissed in exchange for sex. Ms. Zarrindej has a prior conviction for bribing a Los Angeles police officer back in 1998 in a prostitution case at which time she served 60 days in jail.

On July 1, 2008, the two met a Oceanside hotel after Carabajal lied in court to get the speeding ticket dismissed. Ms. Zarrindej who is also being charged in the same case is claiming that she was a victim to Officer Carabajal’s sexual advances and that there was insufficient evidence she conspired with or bribed him.

CHP officer accused in sex-for-ticket fixing had prior troubles, June 24, 2009, North County Times

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