DUI arrests on the New Year decrease per CHP

Following New Year’s weekend, the California Highway Patrol released information concluding an increase in fatal traffic deaths and a decrease in DUI arrests in comparison to last year’s statistics. The report was recorded between the time of 6 pm Friday evening to Sunday at 11:59 pm, containing a total of 5 traffic deaths and 58 DUI arrests, differing from 1 death and 60 arrests last year.

Over the course of 2011, the CHP logged 22 traffic deaths statewide which is down from 25 the previous year. In 10 of these instances, the CHP reported those who were killed failed to wear seat belts while driving. In contrast to New Year’s stats, the total number of DUI arrests for the year have increased from 961 last year to 1,181 people.

According to data from the North County area, the majority of drunk driving arrests on New Year’s eve and New Year’s day occurred in Oceanside and Encinitas, where Oceanside police officers arrested a total of 6 drivers, and in Encinitas a total of 5. Other cities with violations include San Marcos with 3 arrests, Carlsbad with 1 arrest, and a total of 2 arrests in both Vista and Escondido.

This is a mixed bag of news, while traffic deaths have increased, DUI arrests have decreased. Remember it is never good to drink and drive, however if you do drink and drive and get stopped by a police officer, please utilize the information on my website under DUI representation.


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