Deadly Crash Caused By Woman Under The Influence Deemed Suicide in San Diego

A shocking portrayal of drug using’s true potential occurred in Lakeside earlier this week. Trista Lynn Stier, a native to the area, was operating her vehicle under the influence of marijuana and methamphetamine. When an individual smokes meth, their world is full of hallucinations and perceptions completely unique to themselves; it can be very dangerous. During a stage of the drug using cycle called “tweaking,” which occurs at the end of a drug binge when the drug no longer provides a rush or a high, the user is capable of anything. Tweaking can cause a state of complete psychosis and is the stage of the methamphetamine high that can manifest itself into physical danger. Trista Lynn Stier was most likely in a similar state when she deliberately crashed head-on into a truck, killing herself and the truck driver instantly. 50-year-old Douglas M. Menegos was driving his truck on State Route 67 when Trista Stier sped the wrong way up an off-ramp, resulting in the collision of their two vehicles. Because of the circumstances of the crash, police drug tested the driver at fault and this is when it was determined 29-year-old Trista Stier tested positive for methamphetamine and marijuana. Even though Stier’s actions were likely solely the result of the effects of the drugs, authorities cited her death as suicide; her deliberate head-on crash is all they have to speak as to how she felt and why it happened.

“Deadly Crash on SR-67 Caused by Suicidal Driver” – CBS 8

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