Trial Date Set For Woman Who Shot Ex-boyfriend Nine Times, San Diego

A relationship gone wrong ended with the tragic death of 31 year-old Victor Saucedo, who was murdered inside of his own apartment. This unfortunate event occurred on October 16, 2012, but just yesterday the judge presiding over the case ruled that the victim’s ex-girlfriend must stand trial for murder. The ex-girlfriend, 25 year-old Vegas Bray, allegedly had been stalking Victor Saucedo ever since their non-mutual breakup back in late 2011, going as far as to commit random acts of vandalism to get back at him. The ex-couple had originally started dating in 2010, after the two met while serving in the Navy; only having dated approximately a year. Jealousy was the cause of their break-up, fueling Vegas Bray’s aggressive and persistent behavior an entire year later, stalking Saucedo the entire time. Bray couldn’t handle the fact Saucedo had a child with another woman, eventually pushing Saucedo over the edge enough to end the relationship. After the break-up, things went downhill fast. Bray’s vandalism to Saucedo’s possessions include popping his car’s tires and smearing peanut butter all over the front door to his home – even going so far as to chase him down when he changed apartments to escape her behavior. The straw that broke the camel’s back, so to speak, was a conversation between the two at his apartment the night before the murder, where there was talk of giving the relationship another shot; Saucedo declined the possibility. Bray didn’t leave his apartment until the next morning, but later returned with a .38 caliber revolver and unleashed her rage upon defenseless Saucedo, shooting him an astonishing nine times, leaving a bloody scene in her wake. Afterward, she called 911, claiming Saucedo had committed suicide – obviously thinking they were naive enough to believe a person could shoot themselves nine times without dying halfway through (or being able to angle it towards oneself, for that matter). The presiding judge ruled there is enough evidence to proceed with Bray standing trial, with her superior court date set for June 12.

“Trial Ordered For Woman In Murder of Ex-boyfriend” – Fox 5, San Diego

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