Man Fatally Stabs His Girlfriend of 14 Years, Sets House on Fire; San Diego

A strange and chilling sentence to a murder occurred just two days ago, a case involving immense amounts of cruelty and insanity. Anthony Estrada, a 44 year-old resident in a home on Huron Avenue, brutally murdered his girlfriend of 14 years while simultaneously attempting to trap her two daughters in their rooms. Estrada stabbed his girlfriend, 46 year-old Margaret Pappas, in the chest and then in the head – over and over again. He then covered her corpse with a pile of laundry and lit it on fire, burning the room and her body. Estrada lit three fires in the house and left the premises, but before doing so he placed chairs in front of Pappas’ daughters rooms; luckily, they escaped the flaming, burning house safely. After Estrada exited the house, he walked to Clairemont High School, asking school administrators if they were police officers – obviously exhibiting odd behavior and perception. He stood there in front of them and stated “I just killed my girlfriend…I’m tired of running.” He was then taken into custody, and recently pleaded guilty to second degree murder and arson. He was sentenced to 21 years to life in prison, just two days ago on June 4, 2014; the crime occurred on February 6, 2012.
One of the daughters, Brenda Gould, told a tale of bizarre acts Estrada had begun to show in the weeks before the murder. He insisted people were watching him, showing signs of extreme paranoia. She attempted to take him to a nearby hospital to be treated, but he refused. The daughters were present in the courtroom where the sentencing commenced, but even though he was sentenced to a long stint in prison, they still feel betrayed in their hearts.

“Man Who Fatally Stabbed Girlfriend And Set Fire To Their Home Sentenced To Life Term” – San Diego 6, The CW

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