San Diego DUI Checkpoints Net More Arrests, Driver Killed in Linda Vista from DUI

San Diego police held a driving under the influence or DUI checkpoint Saturday night in the 2100 block of El Cajon Blvd. along with their usual DUI patrols in the North Park and Hillcrest areas to net more DUI drivers. At the DUI checkpoint, 404 vehicles were inspected by San Diego Police searching for valid drivers licenses, DMV registration, and proof of insurance. Of the 404 vehicles inspected 13 were pulled over into secondary inspection for further investigation of the driver’s sobriety. A total of seven DUI arrests were made of these 13 drivers.

The DUI patrols also arrested eight additional drivers for driving while under the influence of alcohol and or drugs. The night resulted in a total of 16 arrests with 15 of the vehicles being impounded. Two of the 404 drivers stopped by the checkpoint were cited for driving with an expired drivers license.

Sadly on Saturday morning Bryan Larman, 28, died from a drunk driving collision in the Linda Vista area. Officers reported that Mr. Larman lost control of his vehicle, a white Mitsubishi, as he attempted to pass a slower moving vehicle. Crossing into the wrong side of the road he collided with a Nissan Frontier carrying four passengers, two of which were children. The passengers in the Frontiers were hospitalized suffering moderate to major injures. No more details have been released on the condition of the passengers or the extent of their injures.

Mr. Larman, however,suffered from severe head injuries and was declared dead once arriving at the hospital. Police say that after investigation that Bryan Larman was driving under the influence of alcohol when the collision early Saturday morning occurred.

DUI Checkpoint, Patrol Net 15 Arrests, NBC San Diego

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