Getting Arrested in California

Being arrested is a stressful experience. Due to the large number of individuals arrestedeach year in California, it is a wise idea to know some essential advice in case you find yourself arrested by California law enforcement. While false arrests do occur, it is always best to be prepared to handle the situation should the unfortunate circumstances arise. Due to the high pressure of the situation, many individual become scared and emotional. What follows are some essential pieces of advice to follow after being arrested in California:


  • Never Resist Arrest. Being arrested can trigger a wide range of emotions in individuals. If you find yourself arrested, fight all temptation to resist the arrest. Even if you are innocent, resisting arrest can result in an additional charge being brought against you. Instead, remain calm, know that everything can be taken care of at a later time.
  • Remember You Have the Right to Remain Silent. The Fifth Amendment provides individuals with protection against self-incrimination. As a result, individuals should remain silent during an arrest because law enforcement can and will use anything that you say against you at a later time. If you must say anything, say that you will remain silent until a lawyer is present.
  • Know Your Charges. It is vital to know exactly why you are being arrested. You will need to sufficiently update your attorney about the situation when he or she arrives to help you.
  • Never Admit to a Crime. As previously stated, you should remain silent during your arrest. If you do happen to talk, one thing that you should certainly never admit is that you are guilty of committing the crime of which you are accused. Law enforcement will take a statement like this as an admission of guilt, which can negatively impact the results of your trial and sentencing.
  • Contact a Lawyer Immediately. As soon as you possibly can, contact and hire legal counsel that can make sure that every proper step is taken to protect your rights. Clients should never wait until the actual hearing to hire an attorney because by then it will be too late to construct the strongest possible legal defense. When conversing with your lawyer, resist the temptation to spin your story in the best possible light. Instead, your attorney must know exactly how your arrest occurred so that he or she will know how to handle your case.


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