Advice for Individuals on Probation

Facing jail is an emotionally difficult experience. Knowing that probation is an option in California might put a person’s mind at ease. While many individuals elect for probation, there are many important pieces of advice that individuals on probation must remember. The following is a list of essential information regarding probation:

  • Build a Good Relationship With Your Probation Officer. Discuss any changes or unusual situations with your probation officer. Make sure that you are forthright and upfront about everything. The better a relationship you can manage to build with your probation officer, the easier the situation will proceed. If you slip up, your probation officer might be willing to cut you some slack rather than recommending the harshest possible penalty.
  • Diligently Pursue Activities. Do your best to diligently pursue the various requirements of probation and keep detailed records about all community service and job applications. If you are not particularly organized, you might want to ask a friend or family member to help you. Make sure your probation officer knows about everything.
  • Drive Carefully. When driving, be extra careful to avoid attracting attention from police making routine traffic stops. If there is anything wrong with your vehicle, repair it immediately. Make sure that your vehicle records are completely up to date. Avoid loaning your car to anyone unless all of these conditions are met.
  • Employment is Likely Required. Many courts will likely require that you are employed as a term of your probation.
  • Probation Meetings Do Not Have to Be in Person. While meeting with your probation officer is required under the terms of felony probation, it is up to the probation officer to decide whether you can keep in contact using the phone or video services. Make sure that you never accidentally miss a probation meeting because you have lost track of time.
  • Probation Violations Can Lead to Jail Time. Making a mistake during your probation can result in being ordered to serve the rest of your sentence in jail. As a result, it is important to follow the rules of probation as they are laid out. Being accused of a new felony or misdemeanor while on probation will also likely result in serving jail time.
  • Searches of Your Home are Permitted. As a term of your probation, you usually agree to submit to a search of your person or property without a warrant.
  • Supervision is Not Free. You will be required to pay the fees incurred as part of your sentence in addition to the cost of the probationary supervision.
  • Travel is Restricted. The ability to travel across state lines or move to another state is often prevented by the terms of probation.

If you face probation and have any questions about the terms of your sentence, contact the skilled criminal defense attorney Sean Leslie.

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