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Facing jail is an emotionally difficult experience. Knowing that probation is an option in California might put a person’s mind at ease. While many individuals elect for probation, there are many important pieces of advice that individuals on probation must remember. The following is a list of essential information regarding probation:

  • Build a Good Relationship With Your Probation Officer. Discuss any changes or unusual situations with your probation officer. Make sure that you are forthright and upfront about everything. The better a relationship you can manage to build with your probation officer, the easier the situation will proceed. If you slip up, your probation officer might be willing to cut you some slack rather than recommending the harshest possible penalty.
  • Diligently Pursue Activities. Do your best to diligently pursue the various requirements of probation and keep detailed records about all community service and job applications. If you are not particularly organized, you might want to ask a friend or family member to help you. Make sure your probation officer knows about everything.
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