Man Fires Gun At Local Walmart, College Grove in San Diego

Last Tuesday, a little over a week ago, the College Grove Walmart shoppers experienced something most of us hope we never have to go through. At approximately 10pm, a shooting occurred inside the Walmart, sending shoppers into a state of disarray and fear. A chilling image was recounted by witnesses who were actually in the scene, describing it as a cash register mini-heist. A large, African-American man with long dreadlocks was shouting, demanding one of the cashiers to open her drawer and surrender to him the money inside. After dictating his request and waiting on the cashier’s response, things started to get intense. The robber angrily fired a shot into the air; the cashier was apparently not moving fast enough for his liking. As if that weren’t enough to get things moving, the man fired another shot into the air, just mere moments after he fired the first bullet. Dozens of on-looking shoppers were petrified as they ducked behind impulse buy shelves and clothes racks. As things started to get hasty, however, those trapped inside started slinking to the various exits. Once the shoppers were in the clear and able to escape safely, they fled from the scene. The glorified purse-snatcher‘s exit was done after he extorted an undisclosed amount of cash from the unfortunately selected cashier. Authorities described his escape vehicle as a silver Mustang – possibly possessing a white door. According to eye witness recollections, he hopped into the Mustang with the cash and the vehicle sped off onto state Route 94 going 100 miles-per-hour. The San Diego police department of robbery will be investigating the case using camera footage from the property, along with witness testimonies.

“Shots Fired At College Grove Walmart” – San Diego 6

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