San Diego Cop Accused of Domestic Violence

A San Diego woman, Tanya Lorenzo, is finally stepping out to speak her version of the truth about her husband, San Diego police officer Gilbert Lorenzo. Tanya, 24, sat down with NBC 7 and described a horrible scene of domestic violence where she legitimately felt her life was in danger. According to Tanya, her husband Gilbert Lorenzo, 31, sunk his teeth into her back and then proceeded to drag her along the carpet by her neck. In an attempt to get him to release her, she grabbed his groin area; he didn’t let up. The fight only came to a close because the neighbors ran to Tanya’s rescue and pulled Gilbert off of her. Tanya went on to describe her feelings on the matter, stating she never thought her husband could do something like that – causing her to feel her life was in danger. Gilbert Lorenzo, on the other hand, has a different version to tell. He claims to be not only guilt-free of domestic violence, but that he is victim himself! He claims his wife Tanya is bi-polar with violent mood swings, possessing prescription medication for the disorder. He also claims she has abused or continues to abuse alcohol, cocaine and methamphetamine…and it doesn’t stop there. Mr. Lorenzo filed a formal document requesting custody of his children, stating their mother is unpredictable, violent and has made threats to take the kids to Mexico. Tanya’s response to Gilbert’s allegations was simple, in which she stated she has never been diagnosed with bi-polar disorder and has never used drugs. Like many women who become victims of domestic violence, Tanya kept quiet the first time her husband showed signs of it. She wanted to stand by her husband and was reluctant to tear her family apart over one incident. When it happened again, however, it was a different story; she feared for her life. At this point in time, Tanya feels she will never be able to forgive him and she can no longer help him. There has been no word on Gilbert Lorenzo’s status in the police department and if he will remain a part of the force.


“Accused Cop, Wife Allege Physical Abuse, Drug Use in Public Feud”

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