North County, San Diego Man Arrested & Charged with 27 Felonies after Reckless Police Chase

Eric Anthony Pomatto, the man who lead police officers on a lengthy and reckless pursuit after evading police on Friday March, 19th, was arrested and charged with 27 serious felonies including felony evading and 11 counts of attempted of murder.

Mr. Pomatto’s car was first observed outside his ex-girlfriends father’s house and was reported to the police as a suspicious vehicle because the vehicle had been there for more than five hours. As officers approached Mr. Pornatto in the vehicle he drove off and lead them on a long and reckless pursuit accumulating in the multitude of felony charges.

Mr. Pomatto plead not guilty alongside his deputy public defender during a brief arraignment appearance at the Vista Courthouse. He faces up to 158 years and four months in prison if convicted of every charge. These charges range from attempted murder, which Deputy District Attorney Patrick Espinoza stated that, “Pomatto had an intent to kill officers”. Also including felony evading, shooting from a car at walking bystanders, shooting at an occupied vehicle, being a felon in possession of deadly firearms as well as assault on a peace officer. Mr. Pomatto is being held in custody without bail pending the trial court proceedings.

ESCONDIDO: Suspected shooter charged with 27 felonies, north County Times March 24, 2010

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