San Diego CHP Reports No Fataliteis But 36 DUI Arrests

On the bright side, in San Diego, the California Highway Patrol has reported no fatality accidents over the first 12 hours of the July 4th weekend. On the not so bright side, the CHP reports 36 driving under the influence “dui” arrests over the same time period!

However, throughout the State dui arrests were up from last year. This year the dui arrests were 454 compared to 342 last year. Traffic accident deaths statewide was 5 which is one more than last year.

Locally, in Escondido, police arrested three people on suspicion of dui and also impounded 46 cars at a dui and drivers license checkpoint on Friday night from 6:00p.m to Saturday morning at 1:00a.m.. Over 3,000 cars drove through the checkpoint and nearly 1600 drivers and cars were screened. Police impounded sixty-six cars, forty two of which the drivers were unlicensed.

No Fatalities So Far on San Diego County Roads, July 4, 2009, KFMB Talk Radio
3 DUI arrests, 46 impounds at checkpoint, North County Times, July 5, 2009

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