San Diego Home Invasion Robbery Nets 2 Arrests

In Imperial Beach, San Diego County, two gunmen, Jason Wootton and Jason Ladrillono, were arrested in connection with a home invasion robbery-a strike offense! The home owner of the residence was allegedly pistol-whipped. Two other suspects have not yet been apprehended.

The four men broke into the house around 3:30p.m. wearing black ski masks and were armed with firearms and pepper spray. A female resident at home was forced to the ground and her hands were bound behind her back with tape. The male resident resisted the four suspects at which time he was peppered sprayed and hit on the head with a gun causing his head to bleed. He eventually escaped calling 911 from a neighbors’ house.

Sheriff deputies responded to the home and as the four suspects fled they caught Mr. Wootton who was on foot. Both the woman and man positively identified Mr. Wootton as being involved in the robbery. When questioned by the police, he told them of Mr. Ladrillono’s involvement who was then later arrested in South San Diego on the robbery charges. Both men were held at the San Diego Central jail without bail.

Remember, if you are questioned by law enforcement officers as a suspect in a criminal investigation, you have the right to remain silent under the 5th Amendment of the United States constitution.

North County Times, July 5, 2009

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