San Diego Police Drug Bust, 52 Arrested

drugs.jpgSan Diego Police Department’s crackdown on drug trafficking paid off for downtown San Diego cities. “Operation May Day” was in effect in Sherman Heights, Logan Heights, East Village and other inner city neighborhoods. It targeted street-level dealers for dealing and selling drugs. The plan was in effect for about six weeks were officers went undercover to discover the street dealers and distributes of drugs.

After the six week process which ran from approximately May 1st to June 30th, a total of 69 suspects were identified and 52 were arrested over the last week. Officers discovered these dealers buy making plainclothes, meaning dressed in street clothing attire, purchases from these dealers. Resulting in a total of 32 criminal cases of alleged sale of cocaine, 12 arrests of alleged methamphetamine sales, 3 alleged heroine sales and sales of marijuana and prescription drugs.

District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis hailed the operation, stating that San Diego Police are making downtown a safe place to live, visit and operate business.

Hey SDPD! How about going after the manufacturers and importers of the cocaine, heroin and other drugs? Arresting the low income street seller is not going to help the drug problems and abuse in the City as there will always be, unfortunately in this economic climate, young mostly minority persons to sell the drugs on the street. However, it does make “GREAT” press for the SDPD and mayor to be?

52 Arrested In SDPD Undercover Operation, 10

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