San Diego Police Officer Accused of DUI Commits Suicide

San Diego Police Officer David C. Hall of the San Diego Police Department committed suicide around 9:50 a.m. Monday, August 1 2011. Mr. Hall, a 14 year department veteran, was awaiting trial for accused crimes he committed back in February. In May he was charged with two counts of felony drunk driving causing injury, one charge of a hit and run and allegations that his BAC or blood alcohol level was greater than 0.15%. Mr. Hall plead not guilty to all charges. If he was to be found guilty of all the alleged crimes he would could have face up to three years and eight months in state prison.

The charges originated from a February 22nd vehicle accident in Serra Mesa, where a driver of a Chevrolet Suburban reported she was injured by a drunk driver who also left the scene of the accident thereby committing a hit and run. Officer Hall was later arrested and placed on paid administrative duty. He was off duty at the time of the alleged crimes. Mr. Hall blood alcohol level was registered at a very high level, .32% according to police reports which is four times the legal limit. Despite his not guilty plea to the charges a judge ordered Hall to attended Alcoholics Anonymous meetings at least twice a week pending the outcome of the case.

Officer Hall was one of at least eight officers of the San Diego Police Department that had been recently accused of misconduct prompting a change in the Department’s policy by Police Chief William Landsowne. Further information about these misconducts can be found here.

Police Chief William Lansdowne stated that the SDPD was well aware of the fact that Officer Hall was struggling and under stress, and the newly formed wellness unit met with him the day before he committed suicide. Along with the death if Detective Donna Williams, 52, and her daughter Bree Williams, 18, its seems that tragedy has fallen upon the San Diego Police Department.
Officer accused of DUI apparently kills himself, SignOn San Diego News

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