San Diego School iPad Thieves Found and Taken Into Custody

Earlier this week thieves targeted two schools in the San Diego Unified School District, Lewis Middle School and Patrick Henry High School. At first, for some reason, it was thought the two burglaries at the schools were unassociated coincidences, but later determined to be two consecutive crimes by the same culprit(s). The robberies weren’t well planned as apparent by the lack of knowledge on what was exactly in the middle school classroom; a window was smashed in, but nothing was missing. Under an hour later, the high school was targeted and yet another window was busted in. This time, however, the thieves got lucky; 38 iPads were hiding away in the classroom they chose to break into. They escaped with 38 iPads the students presumably used for learning purposes in that particular class. Fortunately, a handful of night patrol officers came across two of the thieves, eventually leading to the arrest of five people; three adults and two juveniles. The names and ages of the suspects have yet to be released.

“Police Recover Stolen iPads, Make Arrests” – UT San Diego

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