Suspect Finally Found and Taken Into Custody for Fourth of July Murder in San Diego

A few blog entries back I went into detail about a murder case under investigation that occurred on the Fourth of July. The body of a man in his 50’s was found outside near the street in a suburban neighborhood in Vista. Later, it was discovered the body belonged to Robert Evasick, and that his body was in fact residing on his own property. Shortly after, police began questioning the locals about the Evasick residence and were informed of another individual that resided on the premises; Alexander Wyman. Authorities instantly began searching for Wyman for questioning, but were unable to locate him. When the medical examiners determined Evasick’s death was a result of homicidal acts, a full blown manhunt ensued with authorities reaching out for information from the public through anonymous tips on Wyman’s location. Luckily, the search came to an end Friday as the L.A.P.D took Wyman into custody at 9 p.m. before handing him over to the detectives in San Diego who were originally investigating the case. Wyman will undergo serious questioning to determine his level of involvement in the death of Evasick, but as for right now he remains in the hands of the police.

“Man Arrested in Vista Murder Investigation” – Fox 5 San Diego

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