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A probation violation occurs when you break the conditions of probation. This may result in serious punishment, depending upon the nature and gravity of the violation, whether or not this is your first violation, and whether there are factors that may lessen or increase the severity of the situation. The penalties that may result include (but are not limited to) extended probation period, incarceration, or monetary fines. Probation is part of the sentencing process in California, and can be a privilege that allows you to avoid or shorten jail time. The goal of probation is to rehabilitate an offender. California Penal Code 1203 is the governing law, which provides California judges with broad discretion to set probation terms on a case by case basis. Some common probation terms include:

  •         Monetary fines
  •         Abstaining from alcohol or drug use, participation in a drug or alcohol program, or drug or alcohol testing
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