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Criminal drug possession is a serious matter in California. The severity of the offense depends, in part, on both the nature of the drug at issue and whether possession is accompanied by intent to sell. Individuals charged with either simple possession or possession with intent to sell should discuss the protection of their rights with a skilled California criminal defense attorney.

Drugs are Classified as Controlled Substances in California

Drugs are termed “controlled substances” by California law. Because there is a wide array of controlled substances, they are grouped into a number of classifications. The body of law that defines and groups controlled substances in the California Health and Safety Code. It prohibits the possession of certain controlled substances absent a valid medical prescription. The CHSC defines a controlled substance as any drug or chemical whose manufacture, possession, and use are regulated by the U.S. government in accordance with the U.S. Controlled Substances Act. In this way, California law integrates aspects of federal law.

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