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Sunday was an eventful day in East County as authorities rake in the arrests from a routine probation sweep. The probation sweep involved traffic stops and trolley patrols in Lakeside, Santee and East County in an effort to cover as much ground as possible. Overall, the process was successful and left around forty people facing drug charges for various crimes ranging from possession of mere paraphernalia or actual drugs. In some cases, the drugs in possession by the individuals were meant for widespread sale and more than $1,000 worth of methamphetamine was seized during the entire course of the probation check. The probation check ran from a window between 6am and 6pm on Saturday and was nicknamed “Operation Summer’s End,” appropriately so as the fall season is now in full swing. The offenders arrested were booked into jail, charged with their appropriate crime based on what was found in their possession. According to authorities, the probation check was a combing-through of probationers previously or currently involved in crimes to help those on a “conditional release” avoid falling back into their previous crime committing lifestyles.

“Probation Sweep Leaves 40 Facing Drug Charges” – Times Of San Diego

A tragic shootout occurred in St. Louis last week when two men opened fire at each other in public streets. During the shootout, which happened just outside of an apartment complex in the 1900 block of Hodiamont Avenue, 46 year old Juliette Cleveland-Davis was walking with her three grandchildren when one of the bullets struck her in the middle of her chest; rendering her dead at the scene. Her three grandchildren, ages 4, 5 and 7, were fortunately unharmed, but sadly had to watch their own grandmother succumb to the violence. The two men responsible for the exchange of bullets are Errick Owens and Tommy Dora Jr., both being held without bond while they await trial. Owens, 20, who lives on the 7400 block of San Diego avenue in North St. Louis county, was the first one captured and charged; murder and armed criminal action. The second man, Tommy Dora Jr., resides on the 5900 block of Ridge Avenue and was captured Saturday evening and charged with the same crimes. The two men are also suspected to have been firing at a third person who has yet to be identified by authorities.

“Second Man Charged in Shooting of St. Louis Grandmother” – Post-Dispatch

Two local gangs in San Diego located out of North Park have been indicted for a large compilation of criminal affairs. San Diego police and the FBI have arrested 17 gang members and associates who had direct involvement in the case, which is comprised primarily of sex trafficking crimes spread throughout the country, but also other crimes including murder, attempted murder, kidnapping, robbery, and drug trafficking. Three other suspects were arrested in Arizona and New Jersey and three remain yet to be found and brought to justice. Sadly, prostitution has became an increasingly profitable business for street gangs, whose members proudly flaunt their “pimp status” with gold chalices and scepters worth thousands of dollars on the internet through social media sites, showing the extent to which gang activity can spread. San Diego U.S. Attorney Laura Duffy stated on this issue, “The kind of sex trafficking described in this indictment is nothing less than modern-day slavery. Unfortunately, more gangs are expanding from traditional pursuits like drug dealing into this lucrative business.” Duffy also stated that this will be the second time her office has utilized the racketeering statute to pursue a street gang, the first in 2011 when 39 members of an Oceanside gang were indicted for charges involving the prostitution of women and underage girls. All defendants in the current case have been accused of luring young women and girls into prostitution either against their will or by methods of persuasion and manipulation. Shockingly, they are accused of traveling to several cities throughout 23 states and selling sex in local hotel rooms, acts that have accumulated 60 known female victims thus far, 11 who were minors as young as the age of 15. The defendants being held locally are set to make their first court appearance in front of U.S. Magistrate Judge Barbara Major.

In connection with the case, murder accusations date back to 1995 with the killing of a 20-year-old pizza deliveryman named Tariq Khamisa who was shot to death during a robbery believed to be executed by gang members. Authorities have also taken several illegal items into custody that were found during their arrests, including two guns, six luxury cars, more than 50 pairs of Air Jordan shoes, flat-screen televisions, thousands of dollars in cash, and multiple marijuana plants. The indictment states that the crimes were headed by a combination group of the two gangs in the North Park neighborhood that police have named “BMS”. Members of the group even went so far as to cross ties with other local street gangs for the management of prostitutes, hotel room booking, money handling, and the distribution of drugs. Attorney Duffy said, “Members of BMS are really akin to a crime family whose members were all working together to commit various crimes for one purpose. And that purpose was simply to earn money for the organization.” All the defendants recruited young girls and women into prostitution through various methods including threats, violence, and promising them a glamorous lifestyle, and then branded them as property with tattoos and bar codes. Many of the victims were picked up through popular social media sites such as Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter. Several of the defendants and their obedient victims were also found to have attended “Players’ Balls” parties which took place all throughout the country. These parties are intended to celebrate the gangsters, pimps, and prostitutes and glorify their so-called business ventures. The victims of this case have thus been pulled out of the horrific life they had fallen prisoner to and are being offered medical and psychological services.


Escondido Police Department has begun cracking down on people known as Juggalos, a name for hard core followers of the Insane Clown Posse (a band). There are recent reports, according to Escondido Police, that members of this group are committing violent gang crimes throughout Escondido, including cornering kids and teens in a local park and ordering them to hand over their cash and other valuables. Along with alleged assault and robbery, they as well with held a woman at knife point and proceeded to rob her. A known meeting location of Insane Clown Posse members at Grape Day Park is now being frequently patrolled by Escondido Police to control and catch the criminals in this group.

Many members of the group are upset with how some of the members are acting, stating, they are not a gang but a nonviolent “family”. This remains true with statistics gathered from members of the group, only a few of the hundreds have been involved in any criminal activity. While this isn’t a ‘gang’, members have special signs and code words that they use to communicate with each other which could appear to be gang signs to those who are unfamiliar with them. Another reason why the Escondido gang detectives are cracking down is due to recent confrontation between Juggalos and known Latino gangs in the area. While there has been no major incidents involving them, there have been several fights leaving some members bruised and scratched.

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