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Most people know to avoid the authorities if they are doing something illegal, but not this guy! Twenty-three year old Israel Guadalupe Garcia was taken into custody after he impaled his Toyota pick-up truck into the side of a San Diego County Sheriff’s patrol car. Garcia was originally pulled over for running a red light, but as deputies approached the truck to question him, he put the truck in reverse; crashing it into the patrol car behind him. After crashing into the patrol car, Garcia led the police on a short chase, ultimately resulting in him losing control of the truck and hitting a tree next to a home in Alvarado Terrace. Authorities were able to take him into custody and said he showed signs of driving under the influence of alcohol. Once in custody, the police checked Garcia’s criminal history to reveal his license was suspended along with numerous other arrests on his record. Luckily, no one was injured during the incident.


“DUI Suspect Rams Sheriff’s Cruiser, Speeds Off, Crashes” – Times of San Diego

Another celebrity got in trouble with the authorities on Tuesday; Michael Phelps was charged with another DUI. According to online records, this DUI charge is another addition to a myriad of other charges against him. In total, Phelps is awaiting the consequences of five traffic charges and the documentation is now available on the web for everyone to see. The charges, accumulated at different times in the past few years, include but are not limited to: driving while impaired from alcohol, driving under the influence and driving under the influence of alcohol. DUI charges are a large percentage of Phelps’ legal troubles, but he also accrued charges for excessive speeding and driving over double-lane lines in the I-95 tunnel. As of today, there are no set dates for court and Phelps does not yet have a defense attorney. When the press reached out to Phelps to obtain his statement for the press, he took “full responsibility” for his reckless behavior and apologized tremendously.

“Charging Documents Show Phelps DUIs Tied To Alcohol” – UT San Diego

After an extensive vehicular pursuit, Jonathan Daniel Draudt, 51, who was taken into custody for suspicion of DUI and for evading police, ended his evasion by crashing into a building; he was taken to a nearby emergency room. This morning, however, Draudt displayed he had not yet learned his lesson on attempting to escape from the authorities. Draudt, from Oceanside, put his hands on and pushed a police officer as he attempted to escape and tried to run from the Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital. The police officer tackled Draudt to the floor and booked him at the Sonoma County Jail, with the possibility of adding resisting arrest to his record.

The whole situation started with Draudt leading the police on a chase after he ran through a red light around midnight. Draudt’s vehicle, a Jeep Rubicon, eventually crashed into a building during the chase, causing a gas and water leak; fire fighters kept the leaks under control. After the accident, Draudt attempted to run again but was caught and taken into custody when he tried to jump a fence north of the crash. Apparently there were two passengers inside of his Jeep the entire time, but they were extracted from the vehicle and sent to the same hospital Draudt tired to flee from. The passengers were not charged or arrested.


Every year for three decades, the UCSD has held a music festival called the Sun God Festival. Students attend and relax, getting a day to relieve tensions before returning to the classroom and studies. As of late, however, the administration has become concerned with increased drug use happening at the festival and the poor decisions students are making; mixing drugs with alcohol. This year a San Diego student, Ricardo Ambriz, fatally collapsed in his dorm room after attending the festival all day. Witnesses heard Ambriz talking “gibberish” before he collapsed, and as he left the festival around midnight, he was “reaching his hands into the air attempting to grab at things.” The level of abuse has increased since 2012, with 21 people being hospitalized in 2012 and 48 people this year, 2014. Witnesses say earlier in the day Ambriz admitted to taking some type of drug and continuously drank alcohol throughout the day. During the autopsy, the medical examiner performed toxicology tests and found a drug called 5-APB or “Benzo Fury,” a drug derived of MDA, which has been linked to amphetamines. The festival website has added information and warnings about drugs and mixing drugs with alcohol. A police investigation produced no information as to where Ambriz may have gotten the drug.

“UCSD Student Dies Of Overdose After Attending All Day Music Festival” – LA Times

A tragic shootout occurred in St. Louis last week when two men opened fire at each other in public streets. During the shootout, which happened just outside of an apartment complex in the 1900 block of Hodiamont Avenue, 46 year old Juliette Cleveland-Davis was walking with her three grandchildren when one of the bullets struck her in the middle of her chest; rendering her dead at the scene. Her three grandchildren, ages 4, 5 and 7, were fortunately unharmed, but sadly had to watch their own grandmother succumb to the violence. The two men responsible for the exchange of bullets are Errick Owens and Tommy Dora Jr., both being held without bond while they await trial. Owens, 20, who lives on the 7400 block of San Diego avenue in North St. Louis county, was the first one captured and charged; murder and armed criminal action. The second man, Tommy Dora Jr., resides on the 5900 block of Ridge Avenue and was captured Saturday evening and charged with the same crimes. The two men are also suspected to have been firing at a third person who has yet to be identified by authorities.

“Second Man Charged in Shooting of St. Louis Grandmother” – Post-Dispatch

At Jay-Z and Beyonce’s Rose Bowl concert in Pasadena, an interesting altercation occurred between a man, woman and the woman’s boyfriend. The man, later identified to be 25-year-old Roberto Alcaraz-Garnica, apparently copped a feel on the wrong girl; her boyfriend was extremely unappreciative. The woman’s boyfriend confronted Alcaraz-Garnica directly about his actions and a fight broke out, and a violent one at that. According to police, Alcaraz-Garnica, the man accused of groping the woman, bit part of one of the boyfriend’s fingers off! He was immediately arrested and taken into custody on suspicion of sexual battery and “mayhem,” held on $100,000 bail. Authorities are unaware if Roverto Alcaraz-Garnica has a lawyer or if one needs to be provided to him. The woman and her boyfriend were not charged, but police did make 10 other various arrests during Saturday’s concert. Roughly 55,000 fans attended this particular concert and the same turnout was expected at the second concert Sunday. Hopefully no fingers were lost.

“Fingertip Bitten off At Beyonce/Jay-Z concert in San Diego” – CBS 8

Navy officials had a not-so-pleasant knock at the main North Island Naval Air Station entrance – from a car. The gate at the main entrance was heavily damaged by a suspected drunken driver smashing into it around 5am Tuesday, forcing Navy officials to close down that specific entrance and attempt to divert traffic elsewhere. On the City of Coronado’s Facebook page, officials stated where the traffic was being redirected to; from the Third Street entrance to the Ocean Boulevard and first street gates. The wreck caused by an individual driving under the influence caused huge delays and the main gate where the accident occurred wasn’t reopened until 6:30am. The hour and a half wait was also a result of structural issues caused by the car hitting the entrance and authorities needed the time to correct them. Even though the gate was fixed, traffic got very heavy because of the backup still existing from when the gate was broken. Soon, things returned back to normal and the driver was taken into custody for DUI.

“Suspected DUI Crash Closes Gate at North Island” – Fox 5 San Diego

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