Nancy Hildebrand, a Valley Center Middle School Teacher, Suspected of providing Alcohol To Minors

Nancy Hildebrand, 56, a middle school teacher at Valley Center, was arrested on suspicion of providing alcohol to minors at a high school graduation party. The party was for her daughter in celebration of her upcoming high school graduation. San Diego County Sheriff Deputies responded to her residence due to someone reporting an out of control party. The reports included fighting, loud noises and alcohol consumption at Mrs. Hildebrand’s house in the 14600 block of Puma Trail.

Upon arrival police found 75 teenagers between the ages of 17 and 18 in and around the home. Sgt. Bob Bishop of Valley Center Sheriff’s Substation stated that many of the teens appeared to be drunk upon arrival at the scene. None of the guests at the party were over 21, and Mrs. Hildebrand was the only adult present at the scene.

Mrs. Hildebrand stated that she didn’t know that the teens were consuming alcohol and fighting at the party. However, one teen stated that he had seen her walking around at the party drinking with the underage teens. I addition, the teen also stated that she was wearing a name tag that said Mrs. Hildebrand and “I’m (her daughter’s) mom.” Deputies arrested Mrs. Hildebrand on suspicion of providing alcohol to minors, thereby violating the county’s social host ordinance. This ordinance forbids adults to host parties where minors are consuming alcohol or where alcohol is provided to minors. She was booked into the Vista Detention Center where she would later be released on bail.

Under this ordinance adults who reasonably know of the alcohol consumption of minors can be prosecuted for a misdemeanor violation. Technically, if Mrs. Hildebrand is convicted on violating this ordinance she could face up to six months in jail and be fined $1,000 dollars but we all know that won’t happen. If she pleads guilty then she will most likely be on informal probation, pay a fine and complete informational classes on teen alcohol drinking.

In addition to Mrs. Hildebrand, two other persons were arrested at the party, both were 17 years old and were arrested for being drunk and for assault and battery of a peace officer. One of the teens attempted to punch the peace officer, while the other bit the officer on the shoulder. Both minors were released to their parents.

Also, at the party two teenage girls were found passed out and covered in their own vomit; one was found on a couch while the other in a back bedroom of the house. Luckily none of the guests at the party were injured, despite many of the teens consuming large quantities of alcohol. Sgt. Bishop stated that this was, “an explosion waiting to happen, You’ve seen our roads, there all curves and trees.”

Mrs. Hildebrand was placed on leave from her teaching after the incidents of the party reached school Principal, John Peterson, and Superintendent Lou Obermeyer. School officials are waiting to learn more details about the incident before any further action is taken against Mrs. Hildebrand.

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VALLEY CENTER: Teacher placed on leave after arrest, school official says
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