North County San Diego DUI Enforcement For St. Patrick’s Day

722713_a_pint_of_irish_stout.jpgThis St.Patrick’s Day North County police officers are going to be on heightened alert looking out for drunk drivers in Encinitas, Solana Beach and Del Mar. The time of alertness will between 7:00pm Wednesday through 3:30am Thursdays, Saint Patrick’s Day itself and the following morning. Officers will be confiscating any unregistered or unlicensed vehicles they pull over for at least 30 days. Not to mention this will all be at the drivers expense; at a price of at least 1,500 dollars. San Diego Police department is asking anyone to call 911 so they may report drunk drivers providing the cars model, license plate number and the location of the vehicle.

Time to designate a driver, cause its not worth the trouble this St. Patrick’s Day of getting pulled over, and losing your car for possibly 30 days.

DUI enforcement Scheduled, North County Times, March 17, 2010

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