San Diego’s North County DUI arrests at Poway checkpoint for St. Patrick’s Day

As you know from the previous blog, San Diego County Police Departments had been scheduling Police Checkpoints to keep a watchful eye for drunk drivers this St. Patrick’s Day. Three people were arrested at the Poway checkpoint and taken to jail, two with suspicion of drinking while under the influence of alcohol and the other was arrested due to warrants. About 600 vehicles were checked at the Poway checkpoint, in the 13300 block of Twin Peaks Road, during the checkpoint hours, which consisted of Wednesday 7:00pm to Thursday 3:30am.

Not only were three people arrested, but also several people cited for various crimes. A total of eight people were cited for driving with a suspended license, or without a valid drivers license. Out of the eight people, a total of six cars are to be impounded, resulting in at least a 1,500 dollar output by the cited driver. Another person was cited for driving with an open bottle of alcohol in the car. Make sure you toss out that extra alcohol, even if it isn’t yours as the driver and belongs to your friend in the passenger seat, no open alcohol bottles should be in a car.

The checkpoint received its operating costs from a grant issued by the state Office of Traffic Safety. As a future note to drivers out there, the city plans to have at least three more checkpoint in the next coming months, so take the extra precaution and get a designated driver.

Three arrested at checkpoint, North County Times Friday March 19, 2010

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