San Diego DA Rejects Prosecution of Former Oceanside Detective Brian Bruce

Former Oceanside Detective Brian Bruce who was accused of misconduct while on duty by Detective Aaron Miller, his partner, will not be prosecuted by the San Diego District Attorneys Office. Mr. Bruce was a former Detective for the Oceanside Police working on cases related to drugs, prostitution and gang activity.

Mr. Bruce alleged misconduct was brought about due to a current lawsuit between Mr. Miller and the Oceanside Police. Mr. Miller is fighting that he was wrongfully demoted after telling Oceanside Police of Mr. Bruce’s misconduct.

Former Detective Brian Bruce was accused of stealing cash and an iPod from suspects he had arrested. Along with these accusations Mr. Bruce is also accused of stealing Mr. Millers T-shirt from his vehicle. Prosecution of Mr. Bruce is being declined because a district attorney feels that there is not enough evidence to prove he is guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.

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