San Diego man, War Machine, sentenced to a year in jail.

A 28 year old man, who legally changed his name from Jon Koppenhaver to War Machine was sentenced on Tuesday after pleading guilty to felony assault charges. War Machine, a former mixed martial arts fighter, assaulted a female bar tender as well as punching a bouncer in two separate bar attacks. The assaults happened in February and March where he punched a bouncer and assaulted the female bar tender at a club in Point Loma. War Machine didn’t actually strike the female bar tender but by pushing bottles off the bar toward her. At the time of both attacks War Machine was on probation for a misdemeanor assault conviction from 2008.

Judge David Danielsen initially refused the plea agreement because he felt that War Machine’s poor attitude would make him unable to comply with terms of probation and would just allow him to get out of jail custody quicker. However, at Tuesday’s hearing War Machine presented a three page letter explaining his willingness to comply with terms of probation and his wish to stay out of prison. He further stated that he wants to turn his life around and he has already messed his life up enough. He told the judge Danielson that he recently got married and plans to open a gym with one of his friends once he gets out of jail. Judge Danielsen agreed to give him one shot at probation sentencing with terms and conditions including one year in jail and to stay away from alcohol for three years as well as getting treatment, therapy and or counseling for his anger issues.

More and more these days, person’s in the public eye including athletes and actors are finding themselves in the criminal justice system for their juvenile or misguided actions that could have been easily prevented by utilizing some restraint and or good judgment. I have represented both athletes and actors and they are just like the rest of us who from time to time do not make the best decisions even though, a lot of the time, the public puts them through a higher standard!

To find the full article visit here: War Machine gets year in jail, probation 8/24/2010

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