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An accident in Lemon Grove on Saturday was possibly caused by one of the drivers operating their vehicle under the influence of alcohol, according to the local authorities. Two vehicles were involved in the crash, which happened a little before 4 p.m. at the intersection of Central Avenue and Citrus Street. Fortunately, there were no fatalities or critical injuries resulting from the impact, but there were some precautionary hospitalizations and a number of people involved. Passengers between the two vehicles included both children and adults, but all those who were injured were adults; the children were the precautionary hospitalizations. In total, three adults and four children were taken to the hospital for injuries with one of the adults being the suspected drunken driver and the other two being the driver and front passenger of the other vehicle. Police have not indicated if any charges will be placed against the suspected DUI or if the driver will be taken into custody. Most likely, any action would take place after the driver recovers and their blood alcohol level is examined.

“7 Hospitalized After Suspected DUI Crash” – Fox 5 San Diego

Another celebrity got in trouble with the authorities on Tuesday; Michael Phelps was charged with another DUI. According to online records, this DUI charge is another addition to a myriad of other charges against him. In total, Phelps is awaiting the consequences of five traffic charges and the documentation is now available on the web for everyone to see. The charges, accumulated at different times in the past few years, include but are not limited to: driving while impaired from alcohol, driving under the influence and driving under the influence of alcohol. DUI charges are a large percentage of Phelps’ legal troubles, but he also accrued charges for excessive speeding and driving over double-lane lines in the I-95 tunnel. As of today, there are no set dates for court and Phelps does not yet have a defense attorney. When the press reached out to Phelps to obtain his statement for the press, he took “full responsibility” for his reckless behavior and apologized tremendously.

“Charging Documents Show Phelps DUIs Tied To Alcohol” – UT San Diego

Amanda Bynes got in some trouble this weekend when she was arrested early Sunday morning around 4am. Bynes, widely known for “The Amanda Show,” was a successful childhood actress with talents keeping her in the industry until her young adult life. At some point, however, Bynes’ life started looking increasingly more chaotic to the outside world as she changed her face with procedures, piercings, caked-on makeup and overly dark spray tans. Not only did her physical appearance change after she retired from acting, her overall behavior did as well. Prior to her arrest Sunday morning, Bynes was already serving out her probation sentence for previous unruly acts such as DUIs, setting a neighbor’s driveway on fire, etc; she even threw a bong out of her apartment window on the 36th floor! The arrest this weekend occurred after police were notified about a car stopping in the middle of an intersection in Sherman Oaks, Los Angeles. After a thorough evaluation at the local police station, Bynes was determined to be operating her vehicle under the influence of a drug yet to be identified. She was booked and taken into custody but was later released after she posted $15,000 bail. This isn’t Bynes’ first incident with reckless driving and most likely won’t be her last, but hopefully she takes something away from these mishaps and drives safer in the future.

“Amanda Bynes Arrested for DUI in Los Angeles” – UT San Diego

The CHP reported a deadly crash occurred around 3:30am this morning in Chula Vista. The crash involved a motorcycle, with the driver cited as the one at fault on suspicion of DUI. The crash occurred on southbound I-5 at the E-Street offramp and involved no other vehicles. The driver of the motorcycle was attempting to speed around the curve of the offramp and lost control – directly in the path of construction barrels. In an attempt to avoid collision, the motorcycle driver swerved and ended up slamming into a barrel anyway; both riders on the motorcycle flew off from the impact. The female passenger on the motorcycle died at the scene and the male passenger was rushed to a nearby trauma center with major injuries. The driver wasn’t given much time to mourn the loss of his passenger and was arrested at the hospital on suspicion of drunken driving. Not only was his speed irresponsible, the way the accident occurred has given CHP red flags to further investigate the situation.

“One Dead In Suspected DUI Motorcycle Crash” – UT San Diego

It was revealed this morning with a confirmed police report that the Padres’ shortstop, Everth Cabrera, was arrested for driving under the influence of marijuana. He was arrested a little after midnight on Wednesday morning and the consequences of this arrest may be big enough to keep him off of the field for a while; the rest of this season and possibly carrying over until the next. Cabrera has already been off of the field for extended periods of time for other unfortunate events, one of them being his continuous hamstring injuries. He was currently in preparation to start rehabbing his injuries with the Single-A affiliate ‘Lake Elsinore Storm.’ The 2013 season was filled with nothing but problems for Cabrera and he was suspended for 50 games for being implicated in the Biogenesis scandal. He was also charged with domestic violence while in spring training, but the charges were eventually dropped. While being arrested for DUI is a serious charge, it is not clear what exactly will happen to Cabrera and his position on the field. Being a role model, as most sports players are, he has earned himself a lot of negative publicity; possibly enough to ruin his career.

“Everth Cabrera Arrested for DUI in San Diego” – The Friarhood

After an extensive vehicular pursuit, Jonathan Daniel Draudt, 51, who was taken into custody for suspicion of DUI and for evading police, ended his evasion by crashing into a building; he was taken to a nearby emergency room. This morning, however, Draudt displayed he had not yet learned his lesson on attempting to escape from the authorities. Draudt, from Oceanside, put his hands on and pushed a police officer as he attempted to escape and tried to run from the Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital. The police officer tackled Draudt to the floor and booked him at the Sonoma County Jail, with the possibility of adding resisting arrest to his record.

The whole situation started with Draudt leading the police on a chase after he ran through a red light around midnight. Draudt’s vehicle, a Jeep Rubicon, eventually crashed into a building during the chase, causing a gas and water leak; fire fighters kept the leaks under control. After the accident, Draudt attempted to run again but was caught and taken into custody when he tried to jump a fence north of the crash. Apparently there were two passengers inside of his Jeep the entire time, but they were extracted from the vehicle and sent to the same hospital Draudt tired to flee from. The passengers were not charged or arrested.


Labor Day weekend can be one of the most fruitful holiday weekends for cops picking drivers under the influence off of the streets and highways, one by one. Compared to DUI arrests last year over Labor Day weekend, the amount has increased almost exactly 30% – a very significant jump from 57 to 72. Fatalities, however, have decreased! In fact, there were absolutely no deaths associated with Labor Day weekend this year, which is shocking with the large increase in number of DUI arrests. Last year, in 2013, there were two deaths during this time period. The overall number of arrests and deaths in the state of California also decreased, with 1,043 arrests this year, 1,092 last year and 23 deaths, down from 24. The death count statistical breakdown for the state of California, is as follows: 21 individuals in vehicles were killed (12 not wearing seat belts), and 3 motorcyclists were killed (all 3 were wearing their helmets). Holidays in California, and the United States in general, tend to be when major clumps of DUI arrests are made. Remember to drive safely and hand over your keys to a designated driver if you decide to drink! However, if you do get pulled over and are under the influence, remember you are not obligated to answer any questions and to give us a call, first!

“72 Arrested for DUIs Over Labor Day Weekend” – CBS 8 San Diego

Authorities will be out in full force this Friday and throughout the Labor Day holiday weekend in search of people driving under the influence after celebrating. City police have been preparing and gearing themselves up to take part in overnight checkpoints over the weekend, which are set to begin at around 6pm this evening. There will also be a second checkpoint but the location hasn’t been revealed to the public, and will start at 6pm on Saturday and end at 2 in the morning on Sunday. Other checkpoints will be set up around the 7900 block of Broadway in Lemon Grove and another will be set up in Imperial Beach, according to the San Diego Sheriff’s Department. There will also be officers patrolling the Del Mar Fairgrounds this weekend. Sheriff Bill Gore recently expressed his zero tolerance for driving under the influence and that he will be enforcing the nationwide “Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over” campaign. San Diego police officer Mark McCollough stated that three people were killed and over a thousand were injured in drunken driving related crashes last year and they are aiming to lower the number significantly this year.

“Labor Day DUI Enforcement Out In Full Force” – San Diego 6, The CW

A man from San Diego, Christopher Cheatum, was supposedly vacationing in Florida when he got into some trouble for driving under the influence. Cheatum was drunken driving when he started taking his vehicle in circles around fuel pumps at a Love’s gas station on County Road 255 in Madison County, Florida. This strange behavior alerted nearby law enforcement and they quickly approached the scene, leading Cheatum to attempt to escape. Luckily, deputies caught him quickly before he could get onto the roads and harm himself or others. Officers say he reeked of alcohol and his speech was all over the place in slurs. Cheatum was swiftly arrested for DUI and taken into custody. Apparently he partied a little too hard on his vacation and hopefully he learned his lesson and found himself a good lawyer!

“California Man Arrested In Madison County For DUI” – WTXL TV

Navy officials had a not-so-pleasant knock at the main North Island Naval Air Station entrance – from a car. The gate at the main entrance was heavily damaged by a suspected drunken driver smashing into it around 5am Tuesday, forcing Navy officials to close down that specific entrance and attempt to divert traffic elsewhere. On the City of Coronado’s Facebook page, officials stated where the traffic was being redirected to; from the Third Street entrance to the Ocean Boulevard and first street gates. The wreck caused by an individual driving under the influence caused huge delays and the main gate where the accident occurred wasn’t reopened until 6:30am. The hour and a half wait was also a result of structural issues caused by the car hitting the entrance and authorities needed the time to correct them. Even though the gate was fixed, traffic got very heavy because of the backup still existing from when the gate was broken. Soon, things returned back to normal and the driver was taken into custody for DUI.

“Suspected DUI Crash Closes Gate at North Island” – Fox 5 San Diego