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Nancy Hildebrand, 56, a middle school teacher at Valley Center, was arrested on suspicion of providing alcohol to minors at a high school graduation party. The party was for her daughter in celebration of her upcoming high school graduation. San Diego County Sheriff Deputies responded to her residence due to someone reporting an out of control party. The reports included fighting, loud noises and alcohol consumption at Mrs. Hildebrand’s house in the 14600 block of Puma Trail.

Upon arrival police found 75 teenagers between the ages of 17 and 18 in and around the home. Sgt. Bob Bishop of Valley Center Sheriff’s Substation stated that many of the teens appeared to be drunk upon arrival at the scene. None of the guests at the party were over 21, and Mrs. Hildebrand was the only adult present at the scene.

Mrs. Hildebrand stated that she didn’t know that the teens were consuming alcohol and fighting at the party. However, one teen stated that he had seen her walking around at the party drinking with the underage teens. I addition, the teen also stated that she was wearing a name tag that said Mrs. Hildebrand and “I’m (her daughter’s) mom.” Deputies arrested Mrs. Hildebrand on suspicion of providing alcohol to minors, thereby violating the county’s social host ordinance. This ordinance forbids adults to host parties where minors are consuming alcohol or where alcohol is provided to minors. She was booked into the Vista Detention Center where she would later be released on bail.

Yesterday, a Carlsbad Attorney plead not guilty to stalking and several other charges, including harassment. Attorney Michael T. Pines, who handled many legal foreclosure transactions, advised clients to break into their homes after they had been forced out of their homes through foreclosure proceedings. Mr. Pines was accused of stalking new property owners of clients he represented in these home foreclosure cases. The alleged harassment occurred between mid February through April 14th. During this time Mr. Pines allegedly stalked both the new property owners and his business partner; sending emails, phones calls, along with various other forms of alleged harassment.

Likewise, Mr. Pines practice of encouraging clients to break into their foreclosed homes has also not gone unnoticed. He was arrested at least three times for this alleged legal malpractice, in Escondido, Carlsbad and several other Southern California Cities. As a result of these legal malpractices allegations and his stalking charges he faces a $227,000 bail.

Currently, the California State Bar Association has suspended his license to practice as certified attorney. Mr. Pines plans to represent himself in court.

In San Diego and Vista, two women were recently sentenced one for voluntary manslaughter and the other for stealing from her murdered grandmother. San Diego Superior Judge Robert O’Neill imposed an 11 year stipulated sentence to Jule Reynolds A stipulated sentence is an agreed upon sentence between the prosecutor, the criminal defense attorney and the client/defendant. Ms. Reynolds was initially charged with murder and was accused of smothering her newborn hours after the child was born for unknown reasons. An interesting note is that part of the stipulation [agreement] was that Ms. Reynonlds who already has six children will not be able to have conjugal visits while in custody.

In the other case, Vista Superior Court Judge Daniel Goldstein sentenced Amy Jo Mitchell to 2 years in state prison for burglary and accessory after the fact when she stole or withdrew about $70,000 dollars from her grandmother’s bank accounts. The grandmother was killed by Ms. Mitchell’s boyfriend, Steve Nolan, who later shot and killed himself inside his car in Riverside County on September 5, 2008.

Mom who smothered newborn gets 11 years in prison, North County Times, July 11, 2009

In San Diego, sex crime suspect, Thomas James Parker, 39, was found dead in his cell hanging by a sheet while at the San Diego County Central Detention Facility. He had been accused of seven sexual assaults on women throughout San Diego.

The sexual assault crime spree has allegedly been ongoing for over a year. Mr. Parker was captured on Wednesday, July 1st, after a failed attempt to to rape a Mission Valley woman in her garage. She fought back and then chased him until he was arrested at a shopping center in Mission Valley. Police claim that DNA has linked him to seven sexual assaults that started last year and occurred in Carmel Valley,Tierrasanta, and near UC San Diego.

Mr. Parker was the co-owner of It’s a Grind Coffee House in Little Italy. He was married with two young children.

If you host a party beware! In Fallbrook, a rural city in north San Diego County, a 46 year old mother of three was arrested after she dropped off an extremely drunk teenager at Fallbrook Hospital. San Diego sheriff deputies arrested Deborah Gibney for violating the county’s social host ordinance, child endangerment and obstructing an officer. Ms. Gibney denies that she provided any alcohol to the party goers.

Ms. Gibney claims that dozens of booze-toting teens had swarmed her home, turning what she described as an innocent end-of-the-year celebration into a drunken blowout. She didn’t want to call the Sheriff’s Department because she doesn’t trust Fallbrook sheriff deputies, who she believes routinely harass teenagers. She has had the party for eight years without an incident. This case and charges will not go away without a fight and Ms. Gibney is going to need an experienced criminal defense attorney.

The house party law imposes civil and criminal liability on adults who host private parties and fail to stop persons under 21 from consuming alcohol when they know or should reasonably know they are drinking alcohol. It’s a misdemeanor offense and violators can be punished with up to six months in jail and fines of up to $1,000. If you find yourself in this situation its probably best to shut down the gathering and request that the party goers leave your residence.

Carlsbad Police are investigating the death of 16 year old, Scott Roberts, found in a Carlsbad home on June 23rd. Police were called to the residence by a friend who had been drinking alcohol with Mr. Roberts at the home. Foul play does not appear to be a factor and no adults were at the home to supervise the minors. No arrests have been made pending the investigation.

Toxicology results have found that Mr. Robert’s blood alcohol concentration was over .35% which is four times higher than the legal limit for adult driving under the influence (dui) cases. The zero tolerance laws for alcohol and minors driving under the influence cases is .01%.

This is an unfortunate death that could have been avoided with proper alcohol consumption education and adult supervision. Criminal and civil liability may be found depending on the circumstances surrounding Mr. Robert’s death. A skilled attorney will be able to protect their criminal and civil rights.

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